Mold Remediation Reno NV - Dry Fog Technology


Our Pure Maintenance powered dry fog system is a patented technique that is more effective and affordable than traditional mold remediation methods. InstaPURE dry fog will treat your entire home and eliminate mold, pathogens, and odor. EverPURE leaves an anti-microbial barrier that protects your home and family. If you need Mold Remediation in Reno NV, you’ve come to the right place!

Mold Remediation Reno NV

Proven Technology

US Army corps of engineers report confirmed and proven effective at killing mold, disinfecting surfaces, and keeping it from returning.

Demolition Free Mold Remediation Reno


Pure Maintenance Nevada has revolutionized the way mold remediation is done in Northern Nevada. Our patented technology allows for stress free mold remediation in your Reno NV home. It saves you time and money!

Disinfection & Sterilization


Not only does using the Pure Maintenance Nevada dry fog technology kill all mold in your home or business, but it also destroys bacteria and viruses that make people sick, making for a healthier environment.

Odor Removal


When your home or business has odor problems, our dry fog technology is your go-to solution for odor control. We offer a simple, non-toxic solution to combat and get rid of your odor concerns. It is also pet safe!

Stephanie R.

Pure Maintenance was awesome to work with as they addressed all of my extensive concerns and really put my mind at ease that I was making the best choice in dealing with our mold problems.  The process was so simple and required no disruption to our lives beyond a couple of hours away from our home.  It is a much better option in every way compared to traditional remediation.  The results were immediately noticeable.  I am starting to regain my health and my joint pain is going away after only one week!  I am so grateful!  Thanks, Pure Maintenance!

Bryan Y

My experiance with Pure Maintenance was great. I love the fact that there wasn’t a ton of chemical sprayed into the home. They were prompt with there service and very understanding of our needs. I recieved a detailed report on the lab results of the affected area and assured the mold was gone. I will use them in the future. thanks

Judy M

We had a mold problem for years caused by a leaking drain. When the ceiling collapsed in our pantry under the main bathroom, we discovered a large amount of black mold. After removing all the mold infested wood and sheetrock and treating the area with a mild bleach solution, we could still smell the mold. We called in Pure Maintenance and the smell was completely eliminated. We are delighted to have this health threat removed and were very pleased with how quickly and easily working with Brandon was. We strongly recommend their service.